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About Us

301 Old Mount Holly Rd, Suite 754
Stanley, NC 28164 US
Email: [email protected]
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Customer Service : 704-898-5357
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We appreciate your interest in our unique line of gifts for the recovering community! It is an honor for us to be involved, even in the smallest way, with so many special milestones, events, and occasions!
We are Bo and Nicole C. We are also known throughout the world as Frik-n-Frak! We're the most happily married couple in the whole wide world! ...Seriously. We're like two peas in a pod! We make our happy home in sunny North Carolina at the edge of a beautiful cow field! Frik (...or is he Frak?) was raised in the heart of the city in Cleveland, OH. He's never had cows before. Sometimes just for fun, he'll stand in the back yard and "Moo" at them. When he does this, he's "outstanding in his field!" Frak (...or is she Frik?) has lived her whole life here in North Carolina. She "tawks" funny! She's very beautiful! Frik loves Frak! Frak loves Frik! It's so sweet it makes your teeth hurt, no? We met each other in the rooms in 1998 and both remain active within our local recovery community!
We began selling on the web in 1998 - marketing an unusual array of educational brainteasers, puzzles, and traditional games on the web. 
WoodenUrecover.com was created as a fun way to give back to the community that has given so much (everything) to us! One day we were giving our friends wooden medallions for special occasions, the next we were trying to keep up with requests for special medallions from individuals, home groups, central and intergroup offices, treatment centers, and events such as round-ups and conventions! It seems to have taken on a life of its own!
Although our wooden medallions remain our flagship product, we have expanded our offerings to include an ever growing variety of personalized recovery gifts: laser engraved glass "pocket gems," wooden plaques, medallion holders, key chains, wristbands, and more! In addition, our in-house vinyl cutting capabilities allow us to quickly provide customer requested vinyl decals, automotive lettering, "wall words," and even t-shirts and other recovery themed wearables!
As we are the manufacturers, we can quickly turn your ideas into reality! We manufacture all of our wooden medallions, plaques, glass gems, dog tags, silicone wristbands, etc. right here in our North Carolina shop! Personalization of our recovery gifts is easy and affordable! We are happy to work with your art or we can offer our design services for your project! It really is simple... just ask us how!
We are happy to accommodate requests for bulk orders for your Home Group, Intergroup, Central Office, or other recovery community purposes. If you are purchasing for a recovery gift shop, or are a vendor of recovery related gifts, we would love to hear from you! Please feel free to contact us!
We appreciate being given the opportunity to develop not just a mutually beneficial business relationship with you, but also a lasting friendship, too!
Yours in the fellowship of the Spirit,
Bo & Nicole C.