Coffee Pot Bronze Medallion - Bronze Tokens, Chips, and Recovery Coins
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Coffee Pot Bronze Medallion
Coffee Pot Bronze Medallion

Coffee Pot Bronze Recovery Medallion

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Coffee Pot Bronze Medallion

These beautifully minted bronze medallions are for special people, special occasions, ...or for any reason what-so-ever!  

This "Coffee Pot" medallion reminds us that while there may be no guarantees about tomorrow we can control what we do today. Enjoy this beautiful medallion over a nice cup of warm joe or herbal tea and be proud of where you stand today! A lovely keepsake.

Each exquisitely minted antiqued bronze token will last a life time!  Treasure these special chips for years! Or, pass them along to someone special. 

Dimensions: approx. 1.32" x .090"

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