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But For The Grace of God Plaque
But For The Grace of God Plaque

Deluxe But For The Grace of God Plaque

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Deluxe But For The Grace of God Plaque

A beautiful wooden plaque expertly laser engraved with "But For The Grace of God."  Perfect for the meeting hall, the club-house, or your home!

Our recovery slogans engraved into a deluxe alder wood plaque with dark walnut side trim. Hang this lovely plaque where it will be seen easily and regularly! Or, consider displaying your plaque on a table, desk or shelf with one of our Plaque Display Easels.

Dimensions: Please Choose
Material: 3/4" thick Alder Wood w/Walnut Trim

Please note: These are laser engraved plaques.  Text and graphic contrast are subject to the natural characteristics of each individual piece of wood. Yours will be a one-of-a-kind - unlike anyone else's in the world! We do not utilize color fill techniques to increase the darkness/contrast of the engraving - opting instead to allow the beauty of each piece of wood to bring into being a special and unique piece of art for you to treasure for years and years.

Other plaque sizes are readily available.  Custom plaques are our specialty! Please call with your requests.

Made in the USA.

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