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Hanging 'Easy Does It' Slate Sign
Hanging 'Easy Does It' Slate Sign

Hanging Slate 'Easy Does It' Sign

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Hanging Slate 'Easy Does It' Sign - Laser Engraved Natural Stone Plaques

Hang this handsome laser engraved "Easy Does It" sign where you'll see it regularly - a constant reminder to take things as they come, in an easy manner.
Nearly any recovery slogan, image, logo, or special message (in nearly any font) can be laser engraved onto these dark gray, natural slate signs. 
Each plaque can also be displayed on a table, desk or shelf with one of our Plaque Display Easels.

Dimensions: 10 x 4 inches
Material: 1/4" thick slate tile - natural stone with chipped edges
An unattached hanging string is included for tying into the pre-drilled holes.

Please note: The laser engraving results in sharp, light gray graphics and text which contrasts beautifully against the dark gray natural stone plaque. Text and graphic contrast are subject to the natural characteristics of each individual piece of slate. Yours will be a one-of-a-kind - unlike anyone else's in the world!  We do not utilize color fill techniques to increase the darkness/contrast of the engraving - opting instead to allow the beauty of each piece of stone to bring into being a special and unique piece of art for you to treasure for years and years.

Have an idea for a special plaque? Custom work is our specialty! Please Contact Us with your requests.

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