Plastic Poker Chips for AA Groups - Alcoholics Anonymous Plastic Token Group Starter Packs
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AA Plastic Tokens
AA Plastic Tokens

Plastic Chips AA Group Pack

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AA Group Plastic Chip Packages

Choose from two specially priced plastic chip packs for your home group! An affordable way to keep your group stocked up on plastic AA tokens!

Small Group Pack - $9.95

  • 10 Plastic White Chips - Newcomer Chip
  • 5 Plastic Red Chips
  • 5 Yellow Chips
  • 5 Green Chips
  • 5 Blue Chips

Large Group Pack - $24.95 

  • 25 Plastic White Chips - Newcomer Chip
  • 15 Plastic Red Chips
  • 15 Yellow Chips
  • 15 Green Chips
  • 15 Blue Chips

We offer plastic AA Poker Chips in a variety of colors for you and your home group. If you don't see the color you want, please contact us!

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