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The Alcoholics Decision Maker
The Alcoholics Decision Maker

The Alcoholics Decision Maker

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The Alcoholics Decision Maker!

...just when you thought you'd seen it all!  Perfect for the indecisive alcoholic!  Ideal for those old-timers that are starting to get a little well... how does one say, ummm... fuzzy? Great for newcomers that have no business making decisions on their own!  Even those delightfully fun folks that say, "I don't buy Drunk Junk!" will want one of these!  

Not convinced?  Just watch our spiffy sales pitch video below!  It has audio and subliminal messages!  

(Very limited quantities available!)

Please NOTE: WoodenUrecover, its owners, employees, subsidiaries, affiliates, family, friends, relatives, and/or pets cannot assume responsibility or liability for consequences as the direct or indirect result of actions taken by the end user, customer, or person silly enough to purchase one of these items, as a result of decisions, answers, suggestions, propositions, motions, submissions, recommendations, advice, counsel, hints, tips, clues, or ideas gained from the use of the Alcoholics Decision Maker.  The Alcoholics decision maker is not for everyone! Clinical tests show that use of The Alcoholics Decision Maker may cause nausea, fatigue, restless leg syndrome and cramping in the mid torso region as a direct result of laughter. Prior to use, ask your sponsor if The Alcoholics Decision Maker is right for you.

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