The Warrior - Solid Wood Laser Engraved Plaque
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The Warrior
The Warrior

The Warrior Plaque

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The Warrior - Solid Wood Laser Engraved Plaque

This was a recent custom plaque request that was so meaningful to us that we have decided to make it a part of our regular offerings!

The Warrior 

For surely you did not choose this battle. 
Rather it chose you.
And standing on the edge of what you 
cannot escape is most tormenting. 
But take one final breath before the plunge. 
And charge forward. 
Knowing that you go not alone, 
but in might company of all who
stand ready to fight at your side. 
And knowing that where your spirit is weakened, 
there you will find untold strength.
Where your heart is fearful, 
there you will find immeasurable courageousness. 
And where your soul is mired in darkness, 
there you will find the most penetrating light.
The most powerful beacon showing you the way.

Dimensions: Please choose from the drop down box above
Material: Alder Wood

Please note: These are laser engraved plaques. Text and graphic contrast are subject to the natural characteristics of each individual piece of wood. Yours will be a one-of-a-kind - unlike anyone else's in the world! We do not utilize color fill techniques to increase the darkness/contrast of the engraving - opting instead to allow the beauty of each piece of wood to bring into being a special and unique piece of art for you to treasure for years and years.

All plaques are "key-holed" on the back for mounting on the wall. Or, they can be displayed on a table, desk or shelf with one of our Plaque Display Easels.

Other plaque sizes are readily available. Custom plaques are our specialty! Please call with your requests.

Made in the USA.

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