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Tri-plated Praying Hands Medallion - Mandarin Red
Tri-plated Praying Hands Medallion - Mandarin Red

Tri-Plated Praying Hands Recovery Medallion

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The Praying Hands Medallion

An exquisite Tri-plated medallion featuring two hands clasped in prayer.  The silver colored scroll at the bottom reads "One Day At A Time" and Roman numerals 1 - 12 grace the top of the coin - one for each of our steps.  

Available in three elegant colors: Midnight Blue, Mandarin Red, and Classic Black.

These are truly beautiful medallions!  Each tri-plated medallion is expertly crafted and adorned with the Serenity Prayer on the reverse side, too!  

A magnificent commemorative chip for miraculous achievements!

Dimensions: approx. 1.35" x .090"

At WoodenUrecover.com, all Tri-Plated Medallions are delivered in a nice velvet gift pouch at no additional cost!  However, please consider purchasing one of our Coin Capsules to further protect this beautiful keepsake.

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