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Tri-plated Sober Camel Medallion - Midnight Blue
Tri-plated Sober Camel Medallion - Midnight Blue

Tri-Plated Sobriety Camel Chip

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The "Sobriety Camel" Medallion

The camel is a special symbol to members of Alcoholics Anonymous and is proudly displayed on this beautiful Tri-Plated Medallion! 

The Camel teaches us spiritual principles: Prayer, Faith, Spirituality, and Sobriety ñ One Day At A Time! 

Dr Bob, physician, and a cofounder of Alcoholics Anonymous - "...would explain prayer by telling how the camels in a caravan would kneel down in the evening, and the men would unload their burdens. In the morning, they would kneel down again, and the men would put the burdens back on. íItís the same with prayer,í Dr. Bob said. íWe get on our knees to unload at night. And in the morning when we get on our knees again, God gives us just the load we are able to carry for that day.í" Dr. Bob and the Good Oldtimers (1980), page 229

Available in three elegant colors: Midnight Blue, Mandarin Red, and Classic Black.

These are truly beautiful medallions!  Each tri-plated medallion is expertly crafted and adorned with the following on the reverse side: 

The tasks of the day can pass with ease when a camel or I start on our knees. One master we serve, the camel and I, and stay for that day completely dry. 

Dimensions: approx. 1.35" x .090"

At WoodenUrecover.com, all Tri-Plated Medallions are delivered in a nice velvet gift pouch at no additional cost!  However, please consider purchasing one of our Coin Capsules to further protect this beautiful keepsake.

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