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WoodenUrecover Inspirational Word Stones
Laser Engraved Glass Word Rocks, Serenity Stones, and Pocket Totems

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Each beautiful Word Stone is hand selected and expertly laser engraved with an inspirational and motivational word or phrase of your choosing. We have a nice selection of stock words and common phrases from which you can choose. Or, feel free to engrave your Word Stone with something special and meaningful to you. Choose wisely as these Word Stones have the power to change lives in miraculous ways!

Onyx Black Word Stones

We initially began offering our unique Word Stones to the 12 step recovery communities; those recovering from alcoholism and other addictions. We found that word stones were a nice and meaningful gift that group members and mentors could give away to those that were just beginning their new spiritual journey. In addition to words and phrases, we also engrave various fellowship logos and symbols. Take a look at our Pocket Gems for some nice examples. Each word stone is the perfectly pocket sized and offers many years of inspiration; travelling with its owner everywhere they go. It has been proven time and again that the smallest reassuring word, a tiny gesture of kindness, or even a simple reminder can be paramount to staying the course and attaining daily goals. Word Stones have the power to change lives.

Amethyst Word Stones!

Word Stones are available in a variety of colors. While we always stock a nice selection of the most popular colored word stones, other colors are available upon special request. And since we can engrave nearly any font or graphic onto our word stones, they are increasingly popular for; wedding favors, shower gifts, corporate giveaways, as well as sales, and promotional gifts, too. Life Coaches and Motivation Specialists love our Word Stones! What can you use our Word Stones for?

Whether you are ordering 1 or 100,000 word stones, you will not encounter the industry common set up fees, run charges, art fees, over-run allowances, etc. at WoodenUrecover.com. We pride ourselves on offering fast, affordable, and reliable personalization services without nickel and diming you to death with extra fees and service charges.

It's simple to order custom Word Stones from WoodenUrecover.com! Simply Visit our Word Stone Purchase Page - choose your desired color - enter the word or short phrase of your choice and add your special Word Stone to your shopping cart. Built in quantity discounts make purchasing in bulk a snap! If you require assistance or wish for us to use your art or logo, please Contact Us. We can be reached nearly anytime via email or on our Customer Service line: 704-898-5357 and will be happy to help you with your word stone project. We are confident that you will enjoy your WoodenUrecover Word Stones for many, many years! Thank you in advance for allowing us to join you on your spiritual journey.

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